Pricing and Quotations

Our Pricing and Quotation department employs several estimators and quantity surveyors to answer all requests for private and public procurement tenders.

As part of our activities, we assist our customers and property developers with planning their budget. Once supplied with drawings, we are able to quickly communicate a first and very reliable budget. If this first estimate meets the project owner’s expectations, we offer to carry out thorough cost calculations leading to a detailed and binding quotation. When the developer agrees to the proposal, a service contract is then signed, which triggers the start of work by our implementation teams.

We also respond to more traditional pricing and quotation requests, whether public procurement or private calls for tenders, by using the required forms.

We differentiate ourselves by producing clear tenders based on an outline valued by our customers. With our competitive offers, we are committed to a high level of quality from the preliminary study until the completion of our building projects.