B&B Hotels - Cloche d'Or

Building of a hotel*** of 150 rooms

B&B Hotels CBL
B&B Hotels CBL
7570 m²
Design office
Period of realization
Gasperich (LU)

A new 3-star hotel with 150 rooms, representing a harmonious marriage between architectural elegance and respect for the environment. It will be operated by B&B Hotels Western Europe and will be the first location in Luxembourg for this hotel chain.

The building will have 6 levels plus the ground floor for a total of 5,400 m² of surface area, which will be erected on a basement level of 2,170 m². The imposing structure is mainly made of cast-in-place concrete, with mushroom slabs ensuring optimal structural stability.

The facades, defined by modern, clean lines, combine aesthetics with functionality. The concrete panels, clad in high-quality metal cladding, and the aluminium frames with exceptional acoustic and thermal performance, create an outer shell that is both robust and aesthetically pleasing. A horizontal band of precast concrete elegantly punctuates the facades, adding a distinctive touch to the whole.

From the ground floor to the six upper levels, the hotel will house 150 luxurious rooms as well as service areas. The interior partitions reflect a modern and versatile approach to interior design, while demanding exceptional dimensional accuracy and impeccable acoustic quality.

Level -1 will be dedicated to 50 parking spaces, service areas, storerooms, changing rooms, waste management areas, and technical rooms essential to the proper functioning of the establishment.

Technical installations will be discreetly installed on the roof. In an approach resolutely focused on sustainability, and in accordance with the agreement in principle of the Water Management Agency, no less than 40% of the roof surface will be vegetated, thus contributing to a reduced ecological footprint.

The project will be certified as Breeam Excellent.

The B&B Hotels project embodies an innovative vision where architectural elegance is combined with operational efficiency and environmental responsibility. A project that, without a doubt, will become an essential reference in the landscape of the Cloche d'Or.